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About us:

ONG Traducciones provides translation services between English and Spanish to a range of clients including different agencies from the United Nations System, international non-profits, Ivy League universities, national governments and local grassroots organisations.

Our attention to detail, willingness to meet our clients’ needs and ability to meet tight deadlines has seen us grow our client base to include national and international organisations and universities in Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, USA and Australia.

We base our work on three core components of translations:

Accuracy: our translations are always proof-read by a native speaker of the target language who has been trained to correct any mistakes so that your final documents are error free and in exactly the same format as the original.

Speed: in the humanitarian sector, deadlines are tight and there is often not much time between finishing a document and needing the translated version. We pride ourselves on always meeting deadlines while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Comprehension: sometimes a direct translation doesn’t make sense. Our unique selling point lies in the ability to understand the meaning of the author and rewrite this text in the target language so that it captures the meaning of the original text yet is easy to understand for the reader.

Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our clients, developing glossaries based on their preferred terminology and learning their work rhythms so that we are always available to meet their translation needs.

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